2015 NCAA MEN’S EPEE Entrants – courtesy CF360 … click on each fencer for details (also notes at bottom of this page) ...

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2015 NCAA Fencing Headshot/Info. Galleries:  
Men’s Foil  |  Men’s Epee  |  
Men’s Sabre  |  Women’s Foil  |  Women’s Epee  |  Women’s Sabre
Click each fencer for details; more notes at bottom of this page. All content courtesy of CollegeFencing360.com; please credit and link accordingly.

All content courtesy of CollegeFencing360.com … please credit and link accordingly.

2015 NCAA Fencing Headshot/Info. Galleries:  Men’s Foil  |  Men’s Epee  |  Men’s Sabre  |  Women’s Foil  |  Women’s Epee  |  Women’s Sabre

2015 NCAA MEN'S EPEE ENTRANTS – 24-fencer field includes: 

• 10 who also were in the 2014 NCAAs  
• 7 former All-Americans
 (top–12): Ro, McGrath, Shepard, Hudson, Schumacher, Jones & Jacovino
• 2 former medal-round fencers 
(top–4): McGrath and Hudson

• Three 3-time NCAA participants  

• 8 freshmen (Lewis: Midwest Regional champ; Raynis: Mid-Atlantic/South Regional runner-up)

Note: CF360 hopes to add similar photo/info. galleries for all six weapons, also similar galleries with action photos rather than headshots … plenty of other content coming all week. Links to all content will be added here. … CLICK HERE for in-depth look at the 2015 NCAA field-of-144.

2015 NCAA Fencing Championships – Quick Facts  (March 19–22; Columbus, OH; French Fieldhoue and Saint John Arena):
• Tournament format is 23-bout, round-robin gauntlet (5-touch bouts), w/ the men fencing March 19–20 and the women on the weekend. 
• Thur. and Sat. start at 9:30 w/ staggered weapon rounds (foil start 9:30; epee 11:30; sabre 2:00); 15 bouts for each fencer.
• Fri. and Sun. start at 9 a.m., with final eight bouts for each fencer.
• Medal-round, 15-touch bouts (for top–4) are Fri. and Sun. at 1:30 (medal-round results do not count to team score).
• Each individual victory in round-robin counts one point to the team score (for men’s and women’s combined champion). 

All photo headshots provided by the respective schools.